While gunite and shotcrete pools are similar due to the fact they are each pneumatically placed concrete materials, they do have their differences.

A gunite pool is made from a dry mix material that consists of sand and cement. Both materials are delivered in bulk and mixed on-site before being forced through a concrete hose with air where it is mixed with water as it is shot into place.

Shotcrete pools, on the other hand, are built using a wet mix design material that consists of sand cement and small aggregate that is mixed at a concrete plant and delivered on-site. The shotcrete material is then emptied into a concrete pump where it is mixed with air in the nozzle before it is pneumatically placed and finished.

Which Process Is Better?

If you ask any structural engineer, gunite swimming pools have a larger margin for error because it is mixed on-site compared to shotcrete that is an engineered mix from a concrete plant. Even more, gunite pools often lose their finish sooner and can crack due to a lack of structural integrity.

At Randall Pool Company, we do not use gunite material. Instead, our shotcrete application uses a combination of sand cement and small aggregate with a low amount of water to provide a stronger, more versatile application. In fact, building a shotcrete swimming pool allows for greater flexibility and creative space for free-form design and can be applied vertically and overhead without the use of forms.

Shotcrete Swimming Pools in Boise

As a leader in swimming pool construction, Randall Pool Company can provide you with the perfect shotcrete pool of any shape or size. With a plethora of experience in the swimming pool industry, we will ensure you get the strongest shotcrete swimming pool in the Treasure Valley area. Even more, we offer a wide variety of design options that will enhance your swimming pool experience. These include the placement of tile, coping, decking, plaster, and swimming pool equipment.

If you would like more information about the shotcrete swimming pools we provide in Boise, Idaho or would like to request a free consultation, contact Randall Pool Company at (208) 870-8961.